Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things to come.

I just haven't been the same since Missouri lost in the big tournament.  I was just getting over it and then on Monday my mom gave me a Missouri Big 12 Champion Tigers T-shirt and I almost lost it.  It's a realization that hasn't settled well with me and with that being said...anything can happen.  Katrina, Japan's Giant Tsunami, by the way I had a dream about the New Madrid fault area getting wild this coming December, so you don't want to be living near Cape Girardeau, MO if you know what I'm saying.
So don't ever do that to me again Mizzou okay?  It's okay now.
I'm about five minutes away from starting a kickstarter campaign so my cousin and I can tackle the Appalachian trail, for real though.  We will probably need generous donations because were gonna film it and not bring any supplies.  I probably won't do that at all actually.  Stay tuned this week for a generous look at the NEW SEASON of Stroke of Genius.....

Generous Regards,

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